Requesting Disability

About two weeks before you want your leave to begin, or as soon as you know you will be taking a leave in the case of pregnancy or a planned hospitalization, follow these steps to start the process. (If you have an unplanned hospitalization, call immediately.)

  1. Notify your supervisor and call the HRSC to connect with a leave specialist.
  2. Call Prudential and follow the prompt for submitting a disability claim. (You’ll need to provide our control number.) Representatives are available 24/7.
  3. Sign page 4 of the Submitting a Disability Claim form and give a copy of it to your health provider. This gives your doctor the authority to release medical information to a Prudential Disability Claim Manager.

While you’re on leave, be sure to communicate with Prudential after each doctor visit, if any complications occur and if your return-to-work changes. Failure to do so might affect your benefits.