What Happens if You Decline or Stop Coverage

You may defer the start of your Rockwell Automation retiree medical coverage if you have other coverage under an employer-sponsored group health plan, either as an active employee, a dependent or a retiree. If you lose that coverage mid-year, you may start your Rockwell Automation retiree coverage immediately if you notify the RASC within 31 days of losing your other coverage.

You also will have an opportunity to enroll in retiree medical coverage during the Annual Enrollment period, which is typically held in November of each year. Your coverage will start on Jan. 1 of the following year. You must keep your coverage as a retiree in order to cover a spouse or dependents.


If you or your dependent defers or drops coverage under the Plan after termination of your employment, you or your dependent may later re-enroll in a retiree medical plan, but Rockwell Automation will not pay any employer contribution. In addition, if you do not elect a supplemental Medicare plan through Via Benefits when you first become eligible, or if you later drop this coverage, you will not be eligible for post-65 transitional financial support from Rockwell Automation.