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Health Coaching


Receive one-on-one support from mindfulness-based stress reduction trained health and wellness professionals for self-guided individual practice. Call Workplace Options at 1.855.897.4044 to get started. You can complete this program one time to earn 100 points ($100).

How to track: Once you complete six weekly telephonic sessions, go to, click Aware Program and then click Self Report Now. That’s it!

Goal: Manage stress by participating in telephonic mindfulness sessions.

Timing: Complete six weekly telephonic sessions.


Personalized phone coaching gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained health coach to create a game plan that’s right for you in areas ranging from weight management, exercise, nutrition, stress, back care, and managing your cholesterol and blood pressure. You can get started by calling WebMD at 1.800.721.2696 or going online at You can complete this program one time to earn 100 points ($100).

How to track: Your health coach will keep track of your phone calls.

Goal: Complete the phone coaching program. You will receive credit for the program after your third coaching call. Talk to your coach about other coaching opportunities and earn a second incentive when you complete a second program.

Timing: Work with your health coach to determine a timeline that works best for your goals.