Get ready to bloom

With spring just around the corner, now’s a good time to reset your habits for a healthier you. Here are a few tips to jump start your total wellbeing.

Make mental health a priority
Improving your sleep quality, reducing your stress and prioritizing your mental health can increase your peace and happiness. What’s more, there’s an app for that and it’s free for you and your dependents if you’re a benefits-eligible employee. Download Calm today to ease your mind and enhance your life.

Meal prep for the week
Planning your weekly meals saves you trips to the grocery store and helps you make healthy choices all week long. Buying in bulk can even save you money. Use your OnTrack by Virgin Pulse app to find healthy recipes and count your daily calories. You’ll eat better and earn Take Action Activity credit toward your 2024 medical premiums.

Move your body
There are so many reasons to stay active, even if just a little bit each day. Exercise has been shown to increase lifespan and reduce the onset of chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke and obesity. It can even boost your mood and energy levels. Use you OnTrack by Virgin Pulse app to count your daily steps and earn Take Action Activity credit toward your 2024 medical premiums.

Meet your match
If you’re enrolled in the Rockwell Automation Retirement Savings Plan, Rockwell Automation will match 50 cents on every $1.00 on the first 7% of pay you contribute each pay period. Pre-tax, Roth 401(k) and after-tax are eligible for company match (catch up contributions are not). Consider increasing your contribution rate to take full advantage of this free money from Rockwell.

Follow these simple steps to cultivate positive outcomes. Each inspired action you take creates a ripple effect to bloom the health and savings in your life.