Weight Loss Program

Need to lose weight? Earn Take Action incentives by participating in weight-loss programs. You can earn up to 200 points ($200) in incentives by participating twice. To qualify, the program must feature:

  • Promotion of healthy weight loss (one to two pounds per week)
  • Nutrition and physical activity guidelines
  • In-person weight tracking and coaching or group support
  • Weekly attendance (or at least 12 times during a four-month period)

This includes programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig®, Choose to Lose (offered in Mequon/Milwaukee), programs offered through fitness centers or health clubs, and programs guided by a registered dietician or certified weight-loss specialist. You can also enroll in the Real Appeal program if you participate in a UnitedHealthcare medical plan.

How to track: For all programs except Real Appeal, once you complete 12 weeks, go to webmdhealth.com/ra, click Weight Loss Program #1 (or Weight Loss Program #2 if you’re completing a second program) and then click Self Report Now. That’s it! If you choose Real Appeal, they’ll report your participation directly to WebMD, so no action is needed from you.

Goal: Complete at least one 12-week weight loss program during 2022. You can then use a further 12-week program or any other Take Action activity as your second qualifying activity.

Timing: Attend 12 of the program’s weekly meetings within a consecutive four-month period. Your program must be completed—or both programs if you go for the second—by Dec. 31, 2022.