We’re here for you

As the seasons change from summer to early fall and back to school, many of us experience stress or turmoil in the transition. The good news? You always have a place to go—in person or virtual—for confidential, caring help and support.

Here are five facts about the Rockwell Automation Employee Assistance Program (EAP) you need to know:

  1. The EAP offers virtual counseling on a variety of platforms. If you need help with a personal or work situation, the EAP has virtual counseling on platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, Messenger, and many others. Connect with a professional counselor who can help you with a variety of issues from job stress, substance abuse, depression, relationship conflicts and more. All conversations are confidential. Just dial 855.897.4044.
  2. The EAP is action oriented. The specially trained and good listeners. They also offer plans of action. Depending on your situation, your counselor may suggest additional sessions to help you reach your goals. If the counselor believes that you need specialized or longer-term counseling, they may refer you to another qualified professional. The important thing is that you will work with a caring counselor on an action plan that is right for you.
  3. The EAP isn’t just for emotional issues. The EAP can help you work with grief, depression, anxiety, stress, and more. It’s also a great resource for affordable childcare solutions, support through the adoption process, legal guidance, relocation services, pet care, personal development and more.
  4. The EAP is interactive. The EAP has a variety of online resources including quizzes, videos, articles and more, to help you hone your life skills. Every month, the EAP offers a free webinar on topics such as building better relationships, self-care, caring for elders, raising teens and seasonal depression. Visit the EAP website to see this month’s topic.
  5. The EAP is global. Wherever you work for Rockwell Automation, the EAP is here for you. It’s available to employees globally. Visit the Workplace Options website for contact information outside of the U.S.

Lastly, the EAP is available 24/7. You’re automatically eligible at no cost to you, and you don’t have to sign up. For more information or to speak with a counselor, call 1.855.897.4044 or visit the Workplace Options website (company code: automation). You can learn all about this important benefit on raquickfind.com.