Advocacy in Action

If you ever have an issue with your benefits and the benefit plan administrator (medical, vision, dental, pharmacy, etc.) can’t help you, call Aon Hewitt’s Advocacy Services.

One simple call puts you in touch with a personal advocate who understands your Rockwell Automation benefits, has high-level contacts for our benefits providers and is happy to take issues off your hands so you can get back to your day. Check out how advocates recently helped our colleagues save time and get peace of mind.

Time saved

Craig Hacche, OEM Sales Engineer in Anaheim, first called last fall after his wife passed away and a miscommunication between MetLife and Rockwell Automation led to an insurance delay. “I got so tired of making phone calls. Every time I’d call, I’d get a new person and have to educate that new person on the situation,” he said. “Working in sales, we’re on the road all the time and multitasking. The last thing I needed was to have to deal with that, too. So I called Advocacy Services, and the advocate took care of it.”

As a result, Craig knew where to call the next time he had an insurance-related issue (his deductible was inadvertently reset). “I was getting all these medical bills even though I had met my deductible, and Aetna said there was nothing they could do based on their agreement with Rockwell Automation. So I called Advocacy Services again,” he said.

“They understood the situation, found out what was going on and fixed it. It took time but the advocate called me every week and gave me a status update. They told me I could ignore the bills and even offered to send me a letter stating what happened [to show my providers].”

Craig appreciates both the help he received and the time his advocate saved him. “I’m glad there is an advocacy group. Otherwise, it would have been a real mess,” he said. “Having one go-to person was great. Everything worked out well with minimal time on my side. I could hand it off to them, focus on my job and the other stuff I needed to do, knowing they were handling that in the background and performing flawlessly.”

Peace of mind

After six months of trying to resolve an unpaid medical claim on his own, Greg Geiger, retired President of Asia Pacific, turned to Advocacy Services. “Aetna told me I needed to have a doctor’s letter to get the claim paid. But when I did that, they still didn’t pay. So I called Advocacy Services,” he said.

Almost immediately, the call put Greg at ease. “Being able to talk to someone who understands the problem and tries to solve it was a great help for me, a load off my mind,” he noted. And the customer service helped, too. “They always give you a follow-up date. I received numerous calls about what’s going on. So I was very happy.”

Best of all, his advocate made progress. “She got involved and started making things happen right away,” he said. “It hasn’t been finalized yet, but she cut through and got them to start appealing the decision. Otherwise, I could have been stuck paying out of pocket.”

Greg was so pleased with his first experience that he turned to the same advocate when he needed help with a pharmacy claim. “She got involved immediately and closed the loop between UnitedHealthcare and CVS/caremark to solve the problem,” he said. Now Greg is happy to give the service high marks. “The number one thing is they understand how insurance companies work, they get involved and they can cut through the red tape,” he explained. “I give them a five-star recommendation.”

See for yourself

Advocacy Services is ready to provide you issue resolution, moral support, education and peace of mind anytime you have a benefits question or complicated issue. All you need to do is call 1.877.687.7272 and ask to speak to a personal advocate. Your advocate will take it from there.

What Advocacy Services Can Do For You

Aon Hewitt’s Advocacy Services can help you:

  • Understand and use all of your benefits, from health care to retirement.
  • Resolve health care billing and insurance claim disputes.
  • Find your SPD (Summary Plan Description) or understand your EOB (Explanation of Benefits).
  • Decide the best course of action when you have a question or concern.
  • Locate doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.
  • Find answers about your pension or 401(k) Plan.
  • Become a more informed, effective health care consumer.
  • Navigate your Medicare questions.

Just keep in mind that Aon’s Hewitt’s Advocacy Services is different from UHC’s Advocate4Me. UHC’s Advocate4Me helps you get the right answers related to your UHC benefits (medical and vision) while Aon’s Hewitt Advocacy Services can help with all your Rockwell Automation benefits.