April 2023

  • Note the Annual Funding Notice. If you’re a Rockwell Automation employee hired before July 2010 and participate in the Rockwell Automation Pension Plan, we will send the 2022 Annual Funding Notice to your home address on file by mail later this month. The Defined Benefit Pension PlanAnnual Funding Notice is required by the U.S. Department of Labor as a part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.For more information on the Rockwell Automation Pension Plan, contact the Rockwell Alight Service Center through digital.alight.com/rockwellautomation or call 1.877.687.7272.
  • Navigate your health care with Amino. If you’re a Rockwell Automation employee covered under a UnitedHealthcare medical plan, you can now search, evaluate and book quality and cost-effective health care with free access to the Amino Smart Match Tool. Download these helpful instructions to get started.
  • Enhance your vision. As a UnitedHealthcare Vision member, you can now renew your eyewear prescription virtually with ExpressExam. This is available to you at no additional cost and is a quick, simple way to help you take care of your vision.
  • Review your COVID-19 coverage. With the COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency ending on May 11, the COVID-19 vaccines will be covered 100% by in-network providers as preventive care. You’ll be responsible for the lab work share of a COVID-19 test.

  • Guide your family to green living. Learn the steps to sustainability with the latest on‑demand webinar hosted by our Employee Assistance Program (Company Code to log in: automation).