Avoid the Rush: Complete Your Health Screening Now

You have until Dec. 31 to complete your Numbers@Work health screening and earn up to $250 off your 2017 medical premiums. But with the holidays, shopping and family events, the end of the year can be crazy busy. So why wait until then to complete your screening?

Rockwell Automation will host onsite health screenings this fall. But if your location doesn’t offer screenings—or if you just want to complete yours earlier—you have two great options:

1. Complete your screening with your primary care provider.

If you schedule an annual physical before the end of the year, use the information from your visit to complete the Health Care Provider form. Then fax it to StayWell by Dec. 31. If you already had an annual physical with blood work earlier this year, call your provider to get your information to complete the form

2. Complete your screening at home with a home test kit.

Call StayWell (800.721.2696) to order a home test kit. Follow the instructions to complete the kit and send it back to StayWell by Dec. 31.

Keep in mind that your health screening results are completely confidential. And when completed as part of your preventive care exam, your screening is 100% covered by your Rockwell Automation medical option.