Check Out Our New Take Action Activities

Our 2016 Health Management program kicks off this month! Once again, you can earn an incentive toward next year’s medical premiums if you complete a Take Action activity. You’ll earn a $100 credit for completing one or a $200 credit for completing two or more.

This year, we’re introducing two new activities! StayWell, our Health Management program administrator, has decided not to offer Step It Up! and Time Out For Health this year. Instead, they’re introducing a new challenge, 10K-A-Day, and bringing back our old favorite, Get Fit on Route 66. These new activities are offered in addition to the Rockwell Automation Walking Challenge, competitive events, phone coaching and “Easy Start” Calls & Mailings that were offered in previous years.


10K-A-Day encourages you to move more by focusing on the number of steps you take. For every 2,000 steps you record, you’ll move a mile along one of the online program’s fun virtual routes.

Some tips to keep in mind for 10K-A-Day:

  • Although you must choose a trail, you complete your first challenge when you hit 700,000 steps, not the completion of a trail. A second challenge is completed when you reach 1,400,000 steps. Refer to the markers along the trail if it makes the challenge fun and interesting!
  • If you connect a Jawbone device, your steps will be tracked back to Jan. 1, 2016.
  • If you connect a Fitbit device, your steps will be tracked back 60 days from the day you register.
  • You can also enter your steps manually on the Web or smartphone app. After you register, you can convert any activity to steps using the online tool or enter the step count from another type of step counter, pedometer or smartphone step tracker.

The goal for this challenge is to stay active enough to complete 700,000 steps. Or keep going to complete 1,400,000 steps and earn a second incentive. To register and sync your tracker, go to

Get Fit on Route 66

This challenges you to get moving by tracking your minutes of exercise. Using the website or mobile app, you log your physical activity to take a virtual road trip along legendary highway Route 66. For every minute of activity you log—whether it’s walking, running, golfing, gardening, swimming or cycling—your virtual car will move two miles along the route.

The goal is to stay active enough to complete the 2,448-mile road trip … or keep going to complete the trip twice and earn a second incentive. (You must register again before you can take a second trip.) If you record 30 minutes of activity a day, five days a week, you’ll complete the program in approximately eight weeks. To get started, log on to

Learn More

For more information about all your Take Action activity options—and help deciding which activity is best for you—see the brochure arriving at your home this month. You can also read an overview or visit StayWell’s website for more details.