Check Out the New, Online Prescription Drug Wizard

Learning about your prescription drug benefits has never been easier thanks to the new, interactive Prescription Drug Wizard. Simply answer a few basic questions, and you’ll instantly get prescription drug coverage information that’s tailored just for you.

To get started, visit the Prescription Wizard. Then, follow the instructions onscreen to select your medical option and answer a few questions (e.g., whether you’ve met your deductible and whether you prefer brand name or generic drugs). Based on your answers, the Wizard provides only the prescription drug details that matter to you, including:

  • Your cost for prescription drugs
  • Things to ask your doctor
  • Handy resources, including a prescription drug glossary
  • Special rules about medications you take for chronic conditions

Because you can use the wizard on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can access this information wherever you are—even at the pharmacy. So, try it next time you want quick details about your prescription drug benefits.

Published: March 2013