January 2021

  • Full coverage for the COVID-19 vaccine. The first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun! We want to make sure you have access as soon it becomes available to you. If you’re in a Rockwell Automation medical option, your vaccine will be covered 100% when you visit CVS Caremark or another network pharmacy. The federal government will cover the cost of the vaccine ingredients, and your pharmacy benefit will cover the administrative costs. If you get vaccinated at a non-network pharmacy or other medical facility, any cost for administration should be submitted to UHC for reimbursement.
  • Reframe your world. Watch the January EAP webinar for practical ways to reframe your perspective to live a more present and positive life.
  • EmployeeConnect is going away. After Jan. 31, 2021, you will log in to Your Benefits™ directly at digital.alight.com/rockwellautomation. You will continue to have single sign-on access to Your Benefits™ from Epoch. If you need your final 2020 pay advice, be sure to log in to EmployeeConnect before Jan. 31, 2021, to save a copy! You can always find URLs and phone numbers for our benefit providers on Quick Find.
  • Take advantage of new, temporary FSA rules. Congress has passed a law that makes it easier to get the most out of your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) during these unusual times. The law applies to both Health Care and Dependent Care FSAs for 2021 and 2022.
    • All remaining FSA funds from 2020 can carry over and be used for 2021 expenses. To take advantage, you need enroll in the FSA for 2021. The good news is you can now enroll for a 2021 FSA anytime. Simply call the Rockwell Automation Service Center (RASC).
    • You can change or stop your 2021 FSA elections during the year for any reason.
    • All remaining 2021 funds will carry over to your 2022 account, without a cap limit.

    Learn more. To enroll or make changes to your FSA, call the RASC at 877.687.7272 (8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Central Time).

  • See a doctor from the comfort of your home—at no cost to you. With Virtual Visits, you can see a physician by phone, tablet or computer. Better yet, Virtual Visits through your Rockwell Automation health plan (Amwell, Doctor On Demand or Teladoc) will be covered with no deductible or copay throughout 2021. Just be sure to register with UnitedHealthcare before your first visit.
  • Don’t manage infertility alone. UnitedHealthcare’s Fertility Solutions provides expert guidance and coverage for fertility services—like artificial insemination, IVF and surgery—and related prescription drugs. These benefits are available only if you’re enrolled in a Rockwell Automation medical option and participating in the Fertility Solutions program. To get started, call UnitedHealthcare at 844.234.7924.
  • Start the new year strong with help from Bright Horizons®. As uncertainty stretches into the new year, you might be struggling to find the fresh start you were hoping for. Your Bright Horizons® benefits can help with support and resources to get you through a challenging winter and year ahead:
    • Back-up care you can trust
    • Primary child care and extra family support
    • Education and homework help