Do This One Thing to See a Doctor at Home

When you don’t feel well, you want getting care to be as easy as possible. That’s why you should download the free UnitedHealthcare app to your phone right now. We’ll wait. Go ahead.

OK, now that you’re done, you have the power of Virtual Visits in the palm of your hand. It gives you access to fast and accurate care with board-certified doctors, so you or your loved ones can feel better faster.

Virtual Visits really come in handy when you need care after hours or you’re traveling. During this cold and flu season, you want to avoid crowded waiting rooms. And your virtual doctor can even write you a prescription if you need it.

Average call time: 15 minutes
Average cost: $50

(compared to $190 at urgent care) and it counts toward your deductible

You can learn more on or call 1.844.234.7924.