Get (and Stay) Active This Spring

Is warmer weather inspiring you to go out and get active? Try these stick-with-it tips to ensure your new fitness routine becomes a lifelong habit (and not just a spring fling).

  1. Schedule it. Make physical activity a priority and schedule it into your day. If you can’t find a free hour to work out, try scheduling short walks before work, during lunch or after work.
  2. Make it convenient. You’re more likely to stick with an activity if you can do it at or near your home or work—at hours that work best for you.
  3. Ease into it. If you’re just beginning, don’t expect to run a marathon on day one. Instead, start small and increase your duration, distance and/or intensity over time; otherwise, you’ll set yourself up for pain, injury and excuses to quit.
  4. Find your match. Hate exercise? It’s probably because you haven’t found something you enjoy yet. Look for activities that fit your personality. If you like to socialize, consider group fitness classes or join an intramural sports team. Prefer to do it alone? Consider activities you can do solo like swimming or walking. Keep trying new activities until you find a few that motivate you to keep moving.
  5. Shake things up. Once you’ve found activities you enjoy, mix them up. And keep trying new activities to keep things interesting!
  6. Partner up. You’re more likely to hit the gym if you made plans to meet a workout buddy. A fitness partner adds accountability and fun.
  7. Learn to love it. Research shows that people who work out because they enjoy it will stick with a routine longer than people who exercise because they want to fit into a certain pants size.
  8. Get competitive. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the warmer weather and participate in local fitness events such as 5K walks/runs.

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