Get Your Health Screening From Your Primary Care Provider

Why Screenings Matter

Not knowing about your health can really hurt you. Some conditions, like high blood pressure, don’t come with warning signs. So you might not realize you have it until you’re diagnosed with an even more serious—and harder to treat—health condition. That’s why it’s so important to get regular screenings. They can help catch problems early—or before they even start.

That’s also why the Numbers@Work health screening is an integral part of our Health Management program. Complete a screening to earn $50 for every healthy target you meet for weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and cardiorespiratory fitness—up to $250 off your 2015 medical premiums*.

Three Ways to Screen

You have three ways to complete your health screening:

  • At an onsite screening (select locations in September and October),
  • With a home test kit or
  • With your primary care provider using the StayWell Health Care Provider Form.
Using Your Primary Care Provider

If you decide to complete your screening at your provider’s office using the StayWell Health Care Provider Form, keep these things in mind:

  1. Your 2014 health numbers count—even if you already had your physical. It doesn’t matter if the physical exam was in early January or will be in late December. As long as your provider collects your health numbers in 2014, they can be used for your screening. If you already had your annual exam and forgot to bring the form, simply call your provider to get your 2014 numbers. Complete the form with those numbers and send it to StayWell.
  2. StayWell will do the math. StayWell will calculate your BMI using the height and weight your health provider provides, so you and your provider can skip that part. It’s also okay if your provider doesn’t measure your waist. StayWell will use your BMI to determine whether you meet the weight target.
  3. It probably won’t cost you a penny. The health numbers on the form are normally collected as part of a routine physical. If you haven’t had a physical yet, you should be able to complete the screening as part of a preventive exam, which is 100% covered in network.
  4. It’s due Dec. 31, 2014. Make sure you or your health care provider completes the form and sends it to StayWell no later than Dec. 31, 2014. That’s also the deadline to send the results of your cardiorespiratory fitness test. About two weeks after you submit the form, you’ll be able to visit to see which health targets you met and which incentives you earned!

*To receive the incentive you must also complete the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) this fall. To earn up to $450 off your 2015 medical premiums, complete two Take Action activities, the health screening and the HRQ.