Helpful AE Tools and Resources

Making informed decisions about your 2014 benefits is easy when you use these handy tools and resources.

Enrollment Guide

Read it now for information about your 2014 benefits choices and how to enroll.

Quick Find

Use the search feature to find details and contact information for your benefits. For example, let’s say you want to compare your medical options. Type “medical plans” or “compare plans” in the search bar and select the option for “compare plans in medical.” You’ll find information that helps you evaluate the two options. You can do the same for your dental options.


EmployeeConnect has several tools that can help you make smart choices.

  • The Health Savings Account (HSA) Estimator. This helps you estimate how much money you should contribute each paycheck for your health care needs if you enroll in the HSA option.
  • The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Estimator. This tool helps you estimate the amount of money you should contribute to your FSA in 2014.
  • The Life Insurance Estimator. This tool helps you determine your Supplemental Life Insurance coverage needs. Simply estimate your expenses (such as your mortgage, loans, income tax, etc.) and enter that information into the tool. The tool will crunch the numbers and determine how much you need. (This tool only estimates Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for employees.)
  • Note: If you find you need to increase your life insurance coverage, you can take advantage of our special enrollment opportunity this year. During 2014 Annual Enrollment, you can elect Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for you and your spouse—up to the maximum benefit amount—by answering five statement of health questions online.

    Published: October 2013