How to Submit a Disability Claim

If a pregnancy or extended illness makes you eligible for Short-Term or Long-Term Disability, submit your claim for benefits by following the steps below.

  1. Notify your supervisor.
  2. Call Prudential at 1.877.412.8677 and follow the prompts. Representatives are available to help 24/7. Be prepared to provide Rockwell Automation’s control number (44062), your personal information (name, Social Security number, address, phone number, date of birth and job title), your doctor’s name and phone number, a brief description of your medical condition and key dates (e.g., last day you worked, date you expect to return to work).
  3. Give your doctor a signed copy of the Medical Authorization release form. Make a copy of the form in this brochure (be sure to copy both sides). Sign and date the copy (not the original) and give it to your doctor’s office. This allows the doctor’s office to share information with Prudential.

You can start the process two weeks before a scheduled surgery or hospitalization or as soon as you know your disability will last more than seven days. If you are injured in an accident or have an unplanned hospital stay, contact Prudential immediately.

Track Your Claim

In general, your disability claim is considered filed after you call, Prudential confirms your eligibility, your doctor’s office provides a physician statement and your disability elimination period starts (or 45 days before it ends, for LTD). For details, please read Prudential’s Telephone Claim Submission brochure. To check your claim status, call 1.800.842.1718 (24/7) or visit

Stay in Touch

Once your disability benefits begin, update Prudential after every doctor visit by calling 1.800.842.1718. Also, be sure to let Prudential know if you have any medical complications or if your return-to-work date changes.

Published: September 19, 2013