• Plan for the year ahead. Review the 2020 holiday schedule so you can start planning your time off this year.
  • Affected by addiction? If you or a family member need help with substance abuse, our confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers counseling, webinars and other tools to help you restore balance in your life. Call 1.855.897.4044 to get started.
  • Be your best you. Register for the February EAP webinar, Motivation: Bring Out the Best, for a refresher on business etiquette and how to achieve your professional goals in 2020.
  • Maximize your retirement savings. Join your colleagues tomorrow at the Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings live web workshop. (You’ll need to log into your Savings Plan account to register.) 
  • Thinking about retiring this year? Our Retirement Process Timeline tool can help you know what you need to do (and when) to have a smooth transition.
  • Download all of your benefits contacts right to your phone! Visit our Benefits Resources page on your mobile device and download it to your home screen for easy benefits access on the go (download instructions are available on the page).