July 2021

  • NEW! Relax and unwind with the Calm mobile app. The Calm mobile app is Rockwell Automation’s newest benefit, available to you at no cost. Calm helps you achieve a calmer, healthier mind through daily meditations, sleep stories (including some narrated by your favorite celebrities!), relaxing music and more. If you want the free premium membership, make sure you sign up using your Rockwell Automation email address, not your personal email address. If you’re not sure it’s for you, register for a free welcome webinar, hosted by Calm experts, to learn everything the app has to offer and how it works.
  • NEW! Virtual tutoring for school-age children now available. You now have the opportunity to schedule virtual one-on-one tutoring for your child through Bright Horizons® for a small copay of only $15. Tutors can help kids improve their focus, learn difficult subjects, become grade-A test-takers and excel above and beyond. Get started.
  • Onsite health screenings will not be held this year. But you can still schedule an annual exam with your personal doctor. Not only will you gain valuable health insights, but you can also count it as a Take Action activity and get a discount on 2022 medical premiums. Learn more.
  • Soak up everything summer has to offer. Learn how to be present and cherish special moments this summer through a new on-demand webinar, sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program (Company Code to log in: automation).