July News Bites

  • Teen depression is more common than you think. While it’s normal for adolescents to be irritable or discouraged at times, severe depression can be life threatening. Learn the warning signs and how to manage teen depression during our next EAP webinar on Aug. 6 at 1 p.m. Central Time. Register now!
  • MetLife Auto & Home has new, lower rates in some areas. Call 1.877.638.7515 to learn what you might save through special group discounts, convenient payment options and safe driver rewards!
  • Getting (and staying) financially fit isn’t easy, but you’ve got resources at your fingertips. Check out the updated Fidelity webinar and video schedule so you can stay financially on your feet.
  • When you have benefits questions, find the answer in a flash. Check out our Benefits Resources page to connect to the right resources. When you visit the page on your mobile device, you’ll have the option to download it to your home screen so you can access the app anytime.