Last Chance: Earn $450 Off Your Medical Premiums

The 2014 Health Management program wraps up on Dec. 31. That means you have less than two months to take the Health Risk Questionnaire, get a Numbers@Work health screening and finish one or more Take Action activities. The good news is you can still earn up to $450 off your 2015 medical premiums, whether you’re starting today or finishing up activities you’ve already started.

What to Do by Dec. 31

To earn the maximum incentive, log on to to complete these steps.

  • Take the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ). You can take this short questionnaire on EmployeeConnect now through Nov. 16 as part of the Annual Enrollment process. Or you can take it at Remember: The HRQ is required this year. You must complete the HRQ to earn any incentives and avoid paying $100 extra for your 2015 medical premiums.
  • Get a Numbers@Work health screening. You have two options for completing your screening:
    • With your primary care provider. If you schedule an annual physical before the end of the year, use the information from your visit to complete the Health Care Provider Form. Then fax it to StayWell by Dec. 31, 2014. If you already had an annual physical with blood work earlier this year, call your provider to get your information to complete the form.
    • At home with a home test kit. Call StayWell (1.800.721.2696) to order a home test kit. Follow the instructions to complete the kit and send it back to arrive at StayWell by Dec. 31.

The health screening measures five healthy targets. You earn $50 for every healthy target you meet, up to $250 off your 2015 medical premiums.

  • Complete your Take Action activity(ies). If you’ve started one or more activities, finish them by the end of the year. Keep logging your steps and vegetables, or complete your coaching program. If you haven’t started an activity yet, participate in a local fitness event, such as a holiday-themed 5K walk/run. You can earn $100 off your medical premiums for each activity, up to $200.