Live healthy. Earn rewards.

Being cognizant of your health and overall wellbeing is a great way to start the new year. In 2020, we’re launching the enhanced Health Management Program so you can feel empowered by your health—and earn some money toward your 2021 medical premiums along the way. Here are three main changes coming to the program in 2020.

1. You’ll register on a NEW StayWell portal.
StayWell, the company that administers the Health Management Program for Rockwell Automation, has a new portal where you’ll register for the program and track your Take Action activities. For all the details on how to register, refer to the 2020 Health Management Program brochure.

2. You have more flexibility to earn rewards.
In 2020, you have the power to choose how you want to earn your incentive (up to $500). You can complete a health screening in combination with Take Action activities or do more Take Action activities, if you prefer. Plus, you can now complete some Take Action activities more than once.

Please note: StayWell has discontinued the Git Fit on Route 66 Take Action activity, but you can still track your favorite activities through the 10K-A-Day challenge. 10K-A-Day also allows you to sync your tracking device to the smartphone app or enter your steps manually online (non-walking activities such as cycling, swimming, etc. can be added and converted into steps). For more information, visit the Take Action page.

3. The Health Risk Questionnaire is required.
You must complete the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) this year in order to earn any incentive. That means if you complete a health screening and/or Take Action activities but not the HRQ, you won’t earn any money toward your 2021 medical premiums. So make sure you take the HRQ to start earning rewards—it only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

For full details on the 2020 Health Management Program, refer to the program brochure and overview page.