May 2022

  • Don’t forget to complete Take Action activities! The number of completed Take Action activities is down this year. Let’s change that. Challenge yourself to complete a Take Action activity over the next month. You’ll improve your health and be a step closer to earning up to $500 off your 2023 medical premiums. For an extra health boost, look for a Take Action activity you can complete outside.
  • Snooze your way to better health. For optimal health, experts recommend at least seven hours of quality sleep each night. Regularly falling short of that increases your risk of health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and depression. To avoid that and start a healthy bedtime routine, watch Sleep Essentials, our Employee Assistance Program’s latest on-demand webinar (Company Code to log in: automation). The strategies you learn may help you reduce stress and improve your well-being, too.
  • Summer Hours are back! Summer Hours begin the week of June 6 and run through Sept. 2. This program compresses a 40-hour week into 4.5 days, typically with Friday afternoons off. Most U.S. regular, full-time, salaried employees can participate. (Employees in certain roles or locations may not be able to participate based on their work.) Be sure to discuss your plans with your manager. And note that given the Independence Day paid holidays, there will be no Summer Hours the week of July 4.
  • Enjoy a break this summer. Thinking of taking a vacation? Keep in mind that you get three floating holidays—paid holidays you may take any time during the year—in addition to your vacation days. And be sure to discuss your plans with your supervisor or manager so they can ensure a smooth workflow in your department.