Moving Your HSA Balance to Another Institution

If you choose, you can roll your JPMorgan Chase HSA balance over to another institution’s HSA. Before you do, keep in mind that:

  • Rockwell Automation can contribute only to your JPMorgan Chase HSA. If you plan to stay in the HSA option, keep your JPMorgan Chase HSA open so you continue to receive company contributions. Once the contribution has been made, you can transfer it to your other account.
  • You can make after-tax contributions to your other account and then deduct the contributions from your income taxes for the year.

Transferring Your Balance

You may open a Health Savings Account with the financial institution of your choice. Most institutions will have a form you can submit to JPMorgan Chase to initiate a rollover. Ask about this form when you open the account. Complete the rollover form and send it to: Aetna HSA, 151 Farmington Avenue RW52, Hartford, CT 06156.

Published: March 2013