New Sign-In for UnitedHealthcare

Multiple passwords making you crazy? UnitedHealthcare has a solution!

UHC is changing the sign-in process for its website and digital tools. With this change, everyone will log in with a HealthSafe ID—one username and password for all health sites featuring the HealthSafe ID name. For you, this means:

  • A single username and password for nearly all UHC sites and tools
  • Easy access from all devices—smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Intuitive registration, sign-in and account recovery

Change to HealthSafe ID Happening Now

The switch to HealthSafe ID is happening in phases.

  • The Health4Me app adopted it in November. If you haven’t changed your login yet, you’ll need to before you sign in again.
  • The UHC website will start moving to HealthSafe ID around March 1. Watch for the prompt to create your ID.
  • Other websites and tools will adopt HealthSafe ID over time. The change is part of UHC’s larger effort last fall to simplify its websites and tools to make them more intuitive.

What to Do

Creating your HealthSafe ID is easy and typically takes less than five minutes. You’ll create a new account by providing some basic information and choosing a username and password. Then you’ll confirm your email and phone number to add extra security to your account. Once you’re done, you’ll use your HealthSafe ID to sign in to the Health4Me app, and other digital tools.