New Year. New You.

Enjoy a Healthier You in the New Year

For a lot of people, ringing in the New Year goes hand in hand with making (and hopefully keeping) a New Year’s resolution—like losing weight, quitting tobacco or reducing stress. Fortunately, Rockwell Automation has a resource to help you with almost any resolution you decide to make. So take advantage and let 2013 be the year you reach your goals!

Here are two great places to start and what you’ll find:

StayWell’s Website

  • Healthy Living Programs on a wide range of topics, from healthy eating to living smoke-free
  • NextSteps® phone coaching (if invited)
  • …and more!

EAP Website

  • Up to five confidential counseling sessions by phone for any personal or professional matter
  • Valuable information and support on hundreds of topics, including stress, depression, money and legal issues, wellness, substance abuse, grief, parenting, relationships, caring for an older parent, and much more
  • Interactive tools and resources

Published: January 2013