November News Bites

  • Keep your commitment to health this holiday season. This can be a hectic time of year, but your health is still a priority. Real Appeal® is a weekly online weight loss program available at no additional cost* as part of our employee medical benefits and offers the support, resources and tools for a healthy lifestyle, one day at a time. Get started at
  • Get cozy during the December employee webinar. This webinar will take a look at how couples have stayed happy over the years and give you tips on how to enhance intimate relationships. Sign up here to attend on Dec. 11, 2018, at 2 p.m. Central Time.
  • Watch the Retirement Process webinar recording. In case you missed the recent Retirement Process webinars earlier this fall, a copy of the slides and a recording are available.
  • If you did not change your HSA election during Annual Enrollment, be aware that your 2019 HSA contribution is defaulted to your 2018 HSA contribution amount. The maximum contribution has increased for 2019. If you want to contribute the max, be sure to increase the amount of your contribution election. Also note that your election will not default to the current contribution if you change options or coverage tiers. Your HSA contribution election can also be changed at any time throughout the year.
  • Download the new Benefits Resources app! It’s got all the contacts, details and resources you need about your benefits and programs. Go to the Benefits Resources page on RA Quick Find on your smartphone or tablet, and follow the on-screen instructions to download it to your home screen. If you don’t see the new icons, you may need to refresh the page or clear your browser history.
*Real Appeal is available at no additional cost to employees with our UnitedHealthcare insurance plan, and their covered spouses and dependents 18 or over with a BMI of 23 or higher, subject to eligibility.