October 2014 News Bites

  • We need your help! To comply with new federal regulations and better support our diverse population, we’re asking you to self-report whether you have a disability, need work accommodations because of that disability or are a veteran. You’ll see information and a short, easy form on EmployeeConnect later this month. If you do not have access, you can call the Rockwell Automation Service Center at 1.877.687.7272 for help completing the process. Please review the form before you call.) The information is voluntary and will be kept confidential. Thank you in advance for participating!
  • Annual Enrollment is your opportunity each year to elect Hyatt Group Legal, which covers attorney fees for routine personal and family legal issues. To find out whether Hyatt Legal Plan coverage is right for you, take this quick legal-needs test. After submitting your answers, you’ll get an analysis and learn how Hyatt’s group benefit services can help.
  • Remember: Dec. 31 is a key deadline for the Health Management program and your Flexible Spending Account (if applicable). It’s the last day to complete your Take Action activities and Numbers@Work health screening under the Health Management program, as well as the last day you can incur expenses for your 2014 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). (If you have a Health Care FSA, however, keep in mind that up to $500 can roll over to 2015.)
  • If you want to save more for retirement, but you’re not sure you can afford to, think small. According to Fidelity, even a 1% increase in your savings today can make a big difference in retirement. For more tips, news, special reports and insights, explore Fidelity’s other Viewpoints articles.
  • Add the Rockwell Automation Quick Find to your iOS device! The Quick Find is your go-to spot for fast answers to general benefits questions; phone numbers and Web addresses for benefit vendors; the latest news about your benefits and the Health Management program; interactive tools; and more. If you visit the site from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), Quick Find will give you the option to install the site as a Web app on your home screen. That way, you’ll always have your benefits information at work, at home or on the go!