October News Bites

  • Annual Enrollment begins Oct. 29 and ends Nov. 20. Visit EmployeeConnect/Your Benefits Resources to make your elections. If you don’t make a change during Annual Enrollment, you will automatically be enrolled in the same medical plan you have today—except for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, which require you to take action.
  • Your 2017 Annual Enrollment Guide was mailed on Oct. 21. Watch your home mail for information about your 2017 benefits. If you want to know even more, visit Your Benefits Resources on EmployeeConnect to review Health Plan Comparison Charts and Summary Plan Descriptions for all our plans.
  • Annual Enrollment is your opportunity each year to elect Hyatt Group Legal, which covers attorney fees for routine personal and family legal issues. The plan includes more than 14,000 attorneys nationally. To find out whether Hyatt Legal Plan coverage is right for you, take this quick legal-needs test. After submitting your answers, you’ll get an analysis and learn how Hyatt’s group benefit services can help.