Protect Your Legacy

The health decisions you make today affect your ability to stay healthy now and in the future. Turns out, they can affect the health of your children and grandchildren, too. That’s because health risks and habits can be passed down, just like genes.

For your health, and the health of your future generations, it’s important to reduce your health risks and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are four things you can do:

  1. Get a physical. An annual physical or health screening can help you catch potential health problems early when they are easiest to prevent and treat.
  2. Take the HRQ this fall. The Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) is essential to understanding your overall health and how you can improve it. That’s why it’s mandatory and a key part of our Health Management program. Take it during Annual Enrollment this fall to learn about your health and avoid paying an extra $100 on your 2016 medical premiums.
  3. Create a family health tree. Document your family’s medical conditions and lifestyle habits to see what runs in the family. This gives you—and other family members—the opportunity to make lifestyle changes to help prevent those conditions. You can create your family health tree or complete an online version.
  4. Build healthy habits. Your physical and HRQ results might reveal habits you can adopt to be healthier. Whether you need to eat healthy, stay active, get a good night’s sleep or de-stress, you can develop that habit by completing a Take Action activity. You’ll pass them on to your family and earn up to $200 off your 2016 medical premiums.