September News Bites

  • School transitions: How to manage your child’s anxiety and yours. Get a good start to the school year. Watch this webinar to find out which school transitions can be difficult for children and get tips to make your child’s transition easier. The webinar will be available through Sept. 30. For additional tips, visit or call 1.855.897.4044.
  • It’s not too late to get a Numbers@Work health screening and earn an incentive! Onsite health screenings will continue at some locations through Oct. 10. You can get your screening at your doctor’s office any time before Dec. 31 (just bring the form to your appointment and complete the cardiorespiratory test at home). And you can still call StayWell (800.721.2696) to order a home test kit.
  • UnitedHealthcare participants: Create your HealthSafe ID by Nov. 9. Earlier this year, UnitedHealthcare announced it was changing the sign-in process for its website and digital tools. With that change, everyone will need to log in with a HealthSafe ID—one username and password for all health care sites featuring the HealthSafe ID name. If you haven’t created your HealthSafe ID yet (some of you have already), be sure to do so by Nov. 9. Your current username and password will no longer work after that day.
  • Have questions about retirement? Need help with your Pension Plan estimates? The Rockwell Automation Service Center Retirement Specialists are ready to help. Simply say “retirement” when prompted by the Rockwell Automation Service Center menu at 877.687.7272. (Retirement specialists’ hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday). Also, look for the retirement guide and Retirement Process Timeline on the Quick Find.
  • Considering your Pension Plan distribution options (generally employees hired before July 1, 2010)? Along with monthly payments, the Pension Plan offers a one-time lump-sum payment option. The lump-sum amount is based on interest rates and IRS mortality tables in effect at the time you choose to begin your Pension Plan benefit payment. The interest rates are tied to corporate bond interest rates and change on an annual basis. For each upcoming year, the Pension Plan uses the information published by the IRS for the month of August in the preceding year. That means Aug. 2016 interest rates are used for each month from Jan. 1 ­– Dec. 1, 2017; likewise, the Aug. 2017 interest rates will be used for Jan. 1 – Dec. 1, 2018, benefit commencement dates. The Your Benefits Resources website will be updated by the first week in October so you can use the online tools to estimate your benefit in each optional form of payment based on various dates and assumptions.
  • Attend webinars to understand the retirement process and how to estimate your pension. Join us as Alight walks you through the retirement process, including how to estimate your pension. Pick a time that works for you and register now. Space is limited to the first 200 participants. After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email with information about joining the webinar and the option to add the event to your calendar.
  • Mark your calendars: Annual Enrollment will be Oct. 28 through Nov. 19, 2017. But you don’t have to wait until then to review your benefits and decide if you want to make changes for 2018. You can visit the Quick Find anytime to explore your benefit options.
  • Fight the flu—for free! Flu shots are your best defense against the flu. Get one for free at an onsite screening or from your health care provider. The Rockwell Automation medical options cover flu shots at 100%.