Take Time Out For Health

Time Out For Health is designed to encourage you to increase your level of nutrition and physical activity every day. Try to achieve (or work up to achieving) four vegetable servings daily. Or aim higher and get the recommended standard of five! Set your personal daily vegetable goal by clicking “edit goal” in the Time Out For Health dashboard. Although Time Out For Health tracks vegetables, fruits and steps, the incentive is based on vegetables only.

What counts as a serving of vegetables?

  • 1 cup green salad = a tennis ball
  • 1 baked potato = a computer mouse
  • 1/2 cup cooked broccoli = an ice cream scoop

Need more information? Visit www.choosemyplate.gov/food-groups/vegetables.html.

Once you sign up, you can track your vegetables once a day, once a week or as often as you like, but you can’t enter anything prior to the date you register. Check out the FAQ on the Time Out For Health page for additional helpful tips. To sign up and start tracking your nutrition, visit ra.staywell.com today!

Published: February 10, 2014