Tax Form 1095-C: Sign Up for Electronic Delivery Before Jan. 1, 2016

As required under the Affordable Care Act, when you file your taxes, you’ll need to document whether you had medical coverage in 2015. Rockwell Automation will provide a new tax form—Form 1095-C—showing which months in 2015 you and your dependents were offered or enrolled in Rockwell Automation medical coverage. You’ll receive this form if you worked 30 hours per week or more (even if you opted out of Rockwell Automation coverage) or if you worked less than 30 hours per week and had Rockwell Automation medical coverage in 2015. You’ll need it to complete your 2015 federal tax return.

Form 1095-C will be ready by Feb. 1 and will be delivered separately from your other tax forms. Watch this video to learn more about Form 1095.

How to Sign Up to Get Your 1095-C Faster

For faster access to Form 1095-C, skip the snail mail and sign up for electronic delivery. You’ll receive an email or text—whichever you prefer—when the form is available online. This can be particularly helpful if you plan to file your taxes early. If you don’t take action by Dec. 31, you’ll receive Form 1095-C by mail.

How to receive electronic notifications:

  • Log on to EmployeeConnect.
  • Click on Your Benefits and then click on Your Benefits Resources.
  • From the Your Benefits Resources home page, click on the Access Medical Tax Form link in the scrolling announcement.
  • Complete fields under Contact Information.
  • Under Notification Options, indicate how you would like to be notified—via email and/or text—when Form 1095-C is available.
  • Select Save Notification Option Settings.
  • When your request is processed, you will receive an electronic confirmation.

While you’re on the form website, watch the video and read the FAQs to learn more about Form 1095-C, when it will be available, what to do with it, how to get a reprint and where to go with questions.

If you have questions about this process or the information on your Form 1095-C, call the Rockwell Automation Service Center at 1.877.687.7272.